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Colorado Backpacking Elopement Guide

Are you considering backpacking for your wedding or elopement? Below are a few ideas and reasons why we think you should do a backpacking wedding.

#1 Combo sunset AND sunrise sessions!

If you are backpacking in, you get to have photos/video of the night before and morning of your wedding. You can get cute photos of the two of you in adventure clothes snuggled by the fire, setting up camp, and rock jumping around the lake. Who doesn’t want a 2 for 1 deal!!

#2 More leisure hike in

This is especially important if you are doing more than a mile or two with some good elevation. (Anyone in Colorado knows that many of the beautiful secluded spots take a bit of effort to get to). Instead of racing against the light and hoping you will make it “in time”, you can make your way up at a comfortable pace. I have been there, racing against the sunlight…many times and it’s not fun. Even if you make it to camp after dark, you can still get some awesome star shots and headlamps!

#3 Sunrise is a unique gift.

Sunrise is 100% better than middle of the day or sunset and who doesn’t want to say they said their vows during sunRISE!!! Not a lot of people can say that. 🙂 Plus, sunrise allows you to avoid people. Just imagine, 6am at an alpine lake (that is a 3-4 miles hike in) right as the sun peaks over the mountains…the likelihood of anyone else being up there is slim but if you decide to head up there for sunset there will most likely be a group of people hanging out around the lake.

#4 You can sleep in…a little.

Okay well you can’t sleep in THAT late but you can definitely get a few more hours than if you were to hike up before sunrise.Now we love an alpine start as much as anyone but…if I want to have a FULL day of adventuring and not feel terrible afterwards, I need to sleep in to a normal time. If you are already sleeping at your first look and/or ceremony spot, all you have to do is wake up maybe 30 min – 1 hour before sunrise to get ready instead of that time plus the 2 – 3 hours of hiking time.

Sample Adventure Elopement Timeline

Hike: 4 mile hike to ceremony spot – 1500 elevation gain — about 2 – 2.5 hours hiking. (Keep in mind average hiking speeds are 1.5 – 2 mph)

Sunset: 8:31pm Sunrise: 6:07 am

Backpacking Elopement Timeline

3:00 pm – Meet at the trailhead and start hiking in.

5:30 pm – Arrive at camping spot

5:45 pm – Set up camp/eat dinner

7:00 pm – Sunset session nearby

9:00 pm – Stargaze/Campfire (if you can have one)

Sleep 🙂

5:00 am – Wake-up/Get Ready/Eat food/Drink coffee!!

6:00 am – Finish Getting Ready/First Look

6:30 am – Ceremony

7:30 am – Frolic and enjoy the area

9:00 am – Pack-up camp – head down

11:30 am – Arrive at trailhead and drive to picnic spot

11:45 am – Picnic/Hammock/Relax

Sunrise Hiking Elopement Timeline

2:00 am – Wake up/Eat food/Drink coffee

2:30 am – Getting Ready

3:30 am – Be at the trailhead and start hiking in

6:00 am – Arrive at alpine lake

6:30 am – Ceremony

7:30 am – Frolic and enjoy the area

8:30 am – Start heading down – stops along the way

11:30 am – Arrive at trailhead and drive to picnic spot

11:45 am – Picnic/Hammock/Relax

As you plan your elopement we want you to ask yourselves….

  • Do we enjoy sleeping in?
  • Do we love sunsets and sunrises?
  • Do we love stargazing?
  • Do we hate time restraints?
  • Do we enjoy secluded alpine lakes?
  • Do we enjoy leisurely hiking?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you should 100% consider backpacking in the night before your elopement.

Are you planning a backpacking elopement and need help planning?? Reach out to us!

Planning your elopement? We specialize in adventure elopements and would love to help you plan and capture your day!

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