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Why Should I Hire a Videographer for My Elopement?

Many couples are on the fence about spending the “extra” money on a videographer. For us, there was no question in our mind we knew we had to hire a videographer for our elopement. We hear so many couples regret not hiring a videographer and wanted to give you a few reasons we think video is SO important and should be apart of everyone’s elopement budget.

The power of watching a video is unmatched by anything else you might have to remember a moment.  Your important moments should be captured not only in small snapshots through photos but the entire moment! You deserve to see and hear your partner laugh or cry. You deserve to relive the most special adventure you and your partner have taken together. 

If you are not convinced yet, here are a few more reasons we think video is so powerful and should be apart of all our lives.


Hearing someones voice is incredibly special and powerful. Imagine being able to press play and hear your partner laugh, your best friend telling you how much they love you, or how proud your grandpa is of you. So much of a person lives in their voice and the words they say. We all know how much better it is to physically call or Facetime someone versus just a text or email. I myself become emotional when hearing someone else cry or share their feelings. I am almost drawn into the moment as though I was there experiencing it. 

A picture does an incredible job of bringing us back to the moment but there is just something special about pressing play and hearing and seeing full moments. Being able to hear your partners vows, best friends words of encouragement, or grandfathers laugh is nothing we can ever replace.

A New Tradition

Why not take a night every year to re-watch your wedding day? Imagine 5-10 years from now going back and watching your wedding film. You can laugh and think about how young you were, bring yourselves back to such a big moment in your relationship, or show your kids how awesome you were hiking in your wedding clothes! Also, you can relive the quiet moments bringing yourselves back to why you married each other in the first place.

Way to Remember

This kind of goes with having a new tradition but I am someone who cannot remember ANYTHING after a few days. I often have to think really hard to remember something that happened in the morning or a day before. Knowing someone is there capturing everything for you allows you and your partner to ENJOY the day. You can leave your cellphone at the Airbnb and just be with your partner.

A Work of Art

The amount of creativity that can go into a film is incredible. You are not only able to re-watch your favorite moments but own a beautiful piece of artwork that is yours to keep. I personally love collecting art from each of our adventures. Your elopement film will be just that, a personalized piece of artwork to remember your special day.

Including Family/Friends

This is always my last reason because your wedding should be about YOU and your partner but we realize how important family and friends are to us. Many of us choose to elope because we wanted something non-traditional and unique. That often doesn’t include our extended family and sometimes even our closest family and friends. Having a film of your elopement will allow your family and friends to be apart of your day without you inviting them or compromising on your dream elopement.

Still not convinced? Set up a time to chat with us! We would be happy to talk about our feelings towards video and listen to your worries and concerns.

Planning your elopement? We specialize in adventure elopements and would love to help you plan and capture your day!

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