Backcountry Vows

Frequently Asked Questions

This is generally a 3-7 minute film overviewing your entire adventure. We include as many moments as possible put to a beautiful song.

What is a highlight film?

Can we choose the music for our film?

No, there are many reasons for this but the biggest reason is licensing. Each film has a handpicked song based on you and your parents personalities and preferences. Every song is paid for and properly licensed.

We are all about inclusion and love every human. There is no discrimination or hate here, please reach out, we would love to plan your adventure.

ARe you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

How do we know we are safe with you?

Do you offer photography?

What are your travel fees?

Do you film outside of Colorado?

Do you cover permit Costs?

Do you film large weddings?

We actually started in the traditional wedding industry but after a few years, we realized our real love was adventure weddings and elopements. We no longer film celebrations larger than 40 people.

Our travel fees are generally $800 within the US and FREE for anywhere in Colorado. This is usually enough to cover any travel and accommodations to anywhere in the US. We do ask for you to cover any helicopter, horseback riding, rafting, or other special activities we may be doing.

First of all, Kaylyn is a Wilderness First Responder. That in itself is of HUGE importance for you to know. We are not some hipsters who never go outside but take pretty photos from a 300 foot trail. For the past 10+ years, Holden and I have been backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, and exploring all around the US and World. While we are not officially “guides” we have both lead and planned many trips and adventures into the backcountry. We can both confidently say that we can give you all the knowledge you might need to successfully hike, backpack, ski, or pack raft to your ceremony spot and if we don’t have the expert knowledge, we are not afraid to reach out the community and share resources with you!

Heck YES!! Traveling is our #1 love (besides each other). We are always up for exploring a new area. Check out our Travel page for where we are going next and places we would LOVE to explore with you!

Our number one creative love is videography and while we do offer photography, we will almost always recommend some of our favorite adventure photographers unless your plans only allow for 2 additional people. (Some examples of this are helicopter tours/rides, jeep tours, and horseback riding).

We require that you pay for any entrance fees and special use/photography permits required. This is often necessary in National and State Parks. We will 100% help you research what permits are needed but ask that you cover any of those fees.

How many weddings do you film a year?

Due to how unique and personal each of our films are, we only take 20 weddings a year. This allows us plenty of time to focus on each of our couples with all of our attention. We find more than 20 weddings hinders our ability to really get to know our couples and create unique and personal films for them.