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Ice Climbing in Vail, Colorado

Vail Ice Climbing


I have always hated ice climbing because I hate the screaming barfies and the cold….but being on the filming/photography side of it was really cool! This was a last minute decision that totally paid off!

Holden texted me on Friday afternoon asking if I wanted to join him and our videography friend Drew filming ice climbing. My first thought was “Hell Yes! This sounds really awesome!” and my second thought was “Damnit….I am going to be cold! 😂”

You would think coming from Minnesota, I wouldn’t mind being cold but there is a reason I moved to Colorado AWAY from the cold winters of Minnesota. Either way, I knew I couldn’t let Holden pass up this opportunity and I thought it was worth a shot…and wow was it worth it!

The video below is a little insight into our day filming our new friend Scott leading the Rigid Designator which is probably one of the most beautiful and famous ice climbs I have ever seen/heard of. Almost everyone in the ice climbing community know exactly what route you are talking about when you mention Vail and ice climbing.

Enjoy our photos and video!!


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