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Jordan + Kegan || Brainard Lake Adventure

Colorado Adventure Session

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We just watched this film again at Jordan and Kegan’s wedding and figured it was time we share a bit of the backstory behind their film…

We knew when we first talked to Jordan and Kegan we would become more than their videographers. Before anyone’s wedding we always encourage them to let us take them for an adventure. These can be small or big but just some sort of adventure to get to know them and feel comfortable around our cameras. When Jordan and Kegan mentioned they were coming to Colorado for their Spring Break we knew it was time for an adventure.

Kaylyn sent over multiple ideas with pictures from our adventures in these places. We chose spots we had been before and had special connections to. After some deliberation, we decided to go snowshoeing at Brainard Lake here in Colorado. Jordan and Kegan had never gone snowshoeing before and Kaylyn recently took a group of 20 women there. It was the perfect spot for them to try something new.

We met the two of them in Boulder and drove up towards the lake. They brought their adorable red jeep which we of course had to use in the film! Mother nature blessed us with the perfect blue bird day and isolation. Throughout the hike we rarely saw another soul feeling like we had the entire trail to ourselves. We unfortunately never made it to the chalet (the trail was lost to recent snow) but the lake itself was the perfect spot to end our adventure.

Thank you Jordan & Kegan for trusting us to guide you on a new adventure together.



Adventure is the heart of our happiness. Being able to show our couples how incredible it feels to get out on the trail away from city life is our goal. We left this hike feeling elated and excited for the future. This is our passion and what we want to do forever. It is not just about being creative with composition or style but about creating a story about our couples that they can cherish forever. We are visual storytellers using real couples and families.

If you want to start planning your adventure, elopement, or new experience let us know. We would LOVE to help you plan, execute, and tell your story.


With Love…

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